Sascha Brawer
Länggassstrasse 27, 3012 Bern

* May 26, 1972


Since 10/2021 Bern, Switzerland – Independent
  • Built Wikidata QRank, ranking knowledge graph entities by analyzing page views on Wikipedia, Wikitravel and other Wikimedia sites.
  • Built OSMViews, ranking geographic locations based on OpenStreetMap tile logs.
10/2019 – 9/2021 Niantic Labs, Zürich, Switzerland – Director of Engineering
  • Designed a pipeline to reconstruct 3D models of the physical world on behalf of Augmented Reality features in “Pokémon Go” and other Niantic games.
  • Set up a prototype to use Niantic’s Augmented Reality technology for non-gaming applications. Worked with potential customers in retail and transportation to clarify product needs. Drove prototype to demo stage.
9/2018 – 9/2019 Rapperswil, Switzerland – Human Being
  • Dabbled in oil painting. Read a lot. Enjoyed life.
5/2004 – 8/2018 Google, Zürich, Switzerland – Senior Staff Software Engineer (L7, latest position)
  • Designed, implemented significant parts, and drove to launch: Indoor Maps; Google Chart API; Google Webmaster Tools/Sitemaps; Public Transit on Google Maps; Layers infrastructure for Google Maps; Google Translation Dictionaries; “onebox” web search features for European markets; Romansh web search; algorithmic transliteration of Google Maps to Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Russian.
  • Helped starting up Google’s European Engineering headquarters. Interviewed candidates for positions in Software Engineering, Operations, Engineering Leadership, and Product Management. Trained new hires about Google’s systems infrastructure. Guided project teams through Google’s launch process, reviewing their systems design and making sure their additions fit into the existing production infrastructure.
  • “Engineering Ambassador” in Tokyo, connecting Google Japan to other sites while leading a Japanese team.
  • Took a 5-month break in 2012.
4/2003 – 4/2004 Dandelis, Berne, Switzerland – Founder
4/2002 – 3/2003 Adasys, Zürich, Switzerland – Software Engineer
3/2000 – 1/2002 Xerox PARC, Palo Alto CA, USA – Member of Research Staff
  • Designed a modular, distributed architecture to integrate heterogenous engines for analyzing semi-structured document collections.
  • Implemented a prototype client/server application for assisting “knowledge workers.”
  • Developed the statistical engine for an interactive classification program.
4/1998 – 2/2000 Adasys, Zürich, Switzerland – Software Engineer
  • Contributed to the design of an object-oriented modeling language for Geographic Information Systems. Developed a Java tool and class library for checking the semantic consistency of models.
  • Designed and implemented a Modula-2 mapping for CORBA IDL.
  • Consulted clients on data modeling issues, color management and client/server architectures.
10/1997 – 7/1999 University of Zürich, Department of Informatics, Switzerland – External Lecturer
3/1997 – 9/1997 Apple Computer, Advanced Technology Group, Cupertino CA, USA – Research Intern
  • Built an optimizing compiler that transformed linguistic grammars for information extraction into PowerPC machine code.
4/1994 – 10/1996 Saarland University, Computational Linguistics – Research Assistant (HiWi)
  • Developed a natural language parsing framework in C++.
  • Implemented a component for visualizing the semantic construction process in the “Verbmobil” machine translation system (in Prolog, under X11).
7/1993 – 10/1993ETH Zürich, Computer Engineering and Networks Lab, Speech Processing Group, Zürich, Switzerland. – Intern
  • Improved the phrase structure grammar of a German text-to-speech synthesis system.
  • Implemented Earley’s O(n³) chart parsing algorithm in Modula-2.


1/1998 Diploma (~Master) in Computational Linguistics, Minor: Computer Science

Passed with distinction. Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany.

Programming Skills

Programming Languages — Extensive experience in C++, C, Java, and Python. Completed small projects in Perl, Prolog, Lisp, Object Pascal, Assembler (PowerPC, 680x0, 6301), Objective C, Forth, AppleScript, TCL, PostScript, and Basic.

Operating Systems — System-level programming for MacOS and GNU/Linux. Basic knowledge of Tru64 UNIX, HP-UX, Solaris, and Win32 (ported libraries). Minimal exposure to VMS and CP/M.

Libraries — Java J2SE (wrote several packages for GNU Classpath); Java MIDP; GTK+; deeply familiar with MacOS InterfaceLib/CarbonLib; many GNU and X libraries; basic familiarity with Windows API.


Swiss German native speaker; fluent in English; working knowledge of Italian and French; entry-level knowledge of Romansh.

Publications, Patents, Talks