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Java Security: How Free Software Is Secured
Using the Java Language

By Sascha Brawer, Chris Gray, Dalibor Topić, and Mark Wielaard

The slides are available in PDF and OpenOffice formats.

4th Free and Open Source Software Developers’ Meeting (FOSDEM 2004). Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium. February 22, 2004.


After a general introduction to why Java seems a reasonable choice for writing large and robust free software packages, the talk discusses the security features of the Java platform. It is shown how several actors play together to ensure type safety, encapsulation and declarative access control. Four concrete denial-of-service attacks illustrate the importance of enhancing the platform by techniques for managing resource consumption.

See also a general talk about the motivation and current state of GNU Classpath, presented at the “Java Developer Room” of FOSDEM 2004.